Auction History

About the Company:

Andy Freije started his business in 1935 marketing general merchandise, farm products, and livestock. His only time away from his business was to serve his country honorably and with distinction during World War II. In 1957 Andy had his first auction with Eugene Phillips as auctioneer, whom in later years was replaced by eldest son Tom. 
The Company Today:
Freije Auctioneers is a full service auction marketing and appraisal company. Freije Auctioneers work over 400 auctions per year, selling automobiles, livestock equipment, general merchandise, collectibles, antiques and real estate. The appraisal arm of the company preforms over 300 real property appraisals per year in all disciplines, industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential properties and approximately the same number of personal property appraisals. 
We can have your sale at your place, or ours. We have 12,000 square feet of sales floor, acres for parking and areas for outdoor sales.
In summary, we are large enough to serve your needs and auction with 21st century methods.